About Visionstate

Visionstate is dedicated to changing the world, making it more sustainable and efficient through the use of technology.

Visionstate Inc., a division of Visionstate Corp (TSX Venture: VIS) specializes in the Internet of Things and analytics. The Company’s core product, WANDA, is a 10/15 inch smart device used to monitor restroom cleaning, supplies, and maintenance activities. WANDA is installed in locations throughout North America, including hospitals, airports, office buildings, public facilities and shopping centers. 

Innovators in Touchscreen Technology

We are a technology company that improves the customer experience through touchscreen solutions. Our interactive software empowers businesses by providing the metrics needed to analyze their interactions. 

Visionstate's technology has been deployed in public facilities across North America since 2005. Our interactive solutions have engaged in millions of interactions with the public who continue to use them on a daily basis. 

Our technology includes interactive directories, mobile applications, information boards, and the WANDA touchscreen system.

Our Corporate Values

  • We encourage exploration and growth, both personal and corporate
  • We operate all aspects of our company with respect, honesty, trust, and integrity
  • We are forward thinking
  • We foster a sense of community, participation, and engagement with everyone involved with our business
  • We always keep a positive outlook

Any comments, concerns or suggestions?  Drop us a line.  We'd love to hear from you.