Visionstate brings together "People, Places, Process, and Technology" in centralized SMART hubs to improve user experience and customer service.


Check out the following videos to learn more about our WANDA and VICCI products. 


Innovators in Touchscreen Applications

Since 2005, Visionstate's technology has been deployed in public facilities across North America. Our interactive solutions have been engaged in millions of interactions by the public who continue to use them on a daily basis. 

Our technology has included interactive directories, mobile applications, information boards, and has now evolved to our main focus, the WANDA system.

Our Corporate Values

  • We encourage exploration and growth, both personal and corporate
  • We operate all aspects of our company with respect, honesty, trust, and integrity
  • We are forward thinking
  • We foster a sense of community, participation, and engagement with everyone involved with our business
  • We always keep a positive outlook

We are an interactive technology company dedicated to improving your customer service offering with touchscreen solutions. Our interactive software improves the experience for customers and empowers a business to understand them by providing the ability to analyze their interactions.